Through studying our GCSE in ICT, students become more independent and discerning users of ICT who can make informed decisions about its use. They have opportunities to acquire and apply creative and technical skills, knowledge and understanding of ICT in a range of contexts. They also develop their understanding of new technologies and their impact on society. They take a practical approach, developing and evaluating ICT-based solutions of their own to solve problems. At the same time, they focus on ensuring that their practice is safe, secure and responsible.

 GCSE ICT is a practical, skills-based qualification that builds on the Key Stage 3 Curriculum and provides a foundation for students intending to study ICT at a higher level.

The course consists of three units- Units 1 & 2 are assessed entirely on Controlled Assessment tasks and Unit 3 is assessed with an end of Unit exam. Both controlled assessment modules contribute 30% each to the final mark with Unit 3 contributing 40% of the final mark.



Assessment Weighting Availability
Unit 1: 
Tools and 
Controlled Assessment 30% Summer

Unit 2:

Using Multimedia 
and Games 

Controlled Assessment 30% Summer

Unit 3: 

Theory: Understanding ICT 

Systems in Everyday 
Life and Its 
Implications for 
Society and the 
Wider World

External Exam


External Exam (2 hours)





Controlled Assessment

Unit 1

This unit consists of three controlled assessments:

Assessment Area Software used Time allowed
Databases Microsoft Access 9 hours [11 periods]
Spreadsheets Microsoft Excel 6 hours [7 periods]
Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint 7.5 hours [9 Periods]



Unit 2

This unit consists of two controlled assessments:

Assessment area Software used Time allowed
Website design

Microsoft Expression Web 4/iMovie

 11 hours [13 preiods]
Games development Gamemaker  11.5 hours [14 periods]