GCE A-Level Applied ICT [CCEA, Single Award]

CCEA's GCE Applied ICT qualification gives students hands-on experience of ICT and first hand experience of how it is used in real life contexts. Students also take part in practical work outside the classroom. This practical approach helps students develop knowledge and skills that benefit them both in employment and in preparation for higher education. The specification builds on the foundations laid by the GCSE ICT specification and the GCSE Applied ICT Double Award. However, students do not need to complete either of these courses before undertaking GCE Applied ICT.

The Course 

This course will equip students with the practical ICT skills needed for both further education and employment.  The practical approach encouraged throughout all six modules will enable students to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of practices and techniques required for further education and the work place.

The full ‘A’ Level course has six modules, four of which are entirely coursework-based, which aim to develop students’ skills and experience in the Microsoft Office.  The remaining two modules are externally examined.  Each module is worth 1/6 of the final mark for the subject.


AS Level

 Module 1:      Information and Communication

                       This unit is assessed entirely through coursework and requires the student to develop al business report using Microsoft Word, based on how information is communicated in an organisation.

Module 2:        Software Applications and Tools

                       This unit is assessed entirely through an external, computer-based examination.  This unit will examine students’ capabilities in Microsoft Office 2003 – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

Module 3:        Organisations and Information Systems

                       This unit is entirely coursework assessed and requires the student to submit a report based on a business case study.

A2 Level

Module 1:        Investigating Systems

                       This unit is assessed through external examination and focuses on exploring how computer systems are developed.

Module 2:        Database Development

                       This unit is assessed entirely by coursework and requires the student to develop a database application using Microsoft Access.

Module 3:        Website Design and Management

                       This unit is entirely coursework assessed and requires the student to develop a website using Microsoft Expression Web.