Mr S Fleming MA (Hons) PCGE    
Mrs E Beckett  BEd (Hons)    
Mr K Irvine BSc (Hons) DIS PGCE    
Mrs E McKay MA BA (Hons) PGCE    
Mrs J Turkington  BA (Hons) PGCE    
Name Qualifications Principal teaching responsibility Other areas of responsibility
Miss K Alexander BSc (Hons) PGCE Head of Home Economics Sixth Form Study Supervisor
Mrs E Beckett BEd (Hons) RE School Counsellor, Head of Year 12
Miss N Cahoon BEd Head of French

Head of Year 9, Year 8 Induction co-ordinator

Miss M Carey BA (Hons) PGCE English  
Mrs K Caskey BEd (Hons) Head of Business Studies Co-ordinator of LLW & Employability
Mrs C Chambers BSc (Hons) PGCE Science
Mr D Charles MA BA (Hons) PGCE Head of History Head of Year 10
Mrs K Close  BSc (Hons) PGCE  Head of Science 
Mr B Doyle BEd Mathematics
Mrs E Hegarty BEd PGCE Home Economics  
Mr I Henderson BEd Head of Construction Technoloy & Design, Teacher-in-charge of lighting (productions)
Miss E Huey MA BA (Hons) PGCE Head of Art & Design Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator
Mrs N Hughes  BSc (Hons) PGCE Mathematics  
Mr K Irvine BSc (Hons) DIS PGCE PE/Science House System Co-ordinator, MLP SEP Co-ordinator 
Mrs C Lamont Joint BA  (Hons) PGCE History & Politics  
Mrs L McAleece  BA (Hons) PGCE  Geography 
Mrs S McBride  BEd (Hons)  LSC Junior
Mrs J McElherron BA (Hons) PGCE LSC Senior  
Miss G McElvogue  BEd (Hons) Science 
Mrs A McFarland BA (Hons) PGCE English Head of Year 11
Mrs L McGinnis BEd (Hons) Head of Technology & Design Head of Careers, Assistant Exams Officer
Mrs E McKay MA BA (Hons) PGCE Head of English Literacy Co-ordinator
Mrs J Nelson BSc (Hons) Head of Mathematics Numeracy Co-ordinator
Ms J O'Neill BA (Hons) PGCE Home Economics  
Mrs R Oliver  BEd (Hons)  ICT, Business Studies
Mr R Palmer BSc (Hons) PGCE Science
Mrs R Potter BSc (Hons) PGCE Science  
Miss R Smyth BMus (Hons) PGCE Head of Music  
Mrs L Stewart BSc (Hons) PGCE  Head of ICT 
Mr M Thompson BSc (Hons) PGCE    
Mr S Thompson BA (Hons) History/LLW
Mrs J Turkington BA (Hons) PGCE Head of Geography Internal Exams Co-ordinator, Tracking Co-ordinator
Mrs J Vance BA (Hons) PGCE French Head of Year 8
Mrs J Wade BEd (Hons) PE Teacher in charge of Personal Development
Mrs J Watterson BA (Hons) DAS PGCE Art Exams Officer
Mrs G Wishart BEd (Hons) Head of Religious Studies Director of Sixth form, Teacher EPD Co-ordinator, Student Teachers, Detention and Fund-raising
Name Position  
Mrs L McCracken   Office Manager/PA to Principal  
Mrs H Caldwell   Senior Clerical Officer  
Mrs G Hill-Nicholl   Receptionist  
Mr G Campbell   ICT Technician
 School Website Co-ordinator, C2K Manager
Mr G Freeburn   Technology & Design Technician  
Mrs J Lawrence   Sixth Form Supervisor
Mrs T Wilson   Sixth Form Supervisor  
Mr A McQuillan   Building Supervisor  
Mr N Averill   Assistant Building Supervisor  
Mrs K Bloomfield      
Mrs H Leacock      
Mrs L Love      
Mrs M McKee      
Mrs A McKeown      
Mrs R McLean      
Mrs J McVey      
Mrs N Mallon      
Miss L Simpson