PE Department

Welcome to the Physcial Education Department at Magherafelt High School.
Students at Magherafelt High School enjoy access to a wide range of sports both both during and after school.

Girls PE

Girls PE, led by Mrs J Wade Girls, offer and encourage their to participate in sports such as:

  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Athletics
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Boys PE

Boys PE, led by Mr G Burns, offer and encourage their students to participate in sports such as:

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Swimming

The PE Dept seeks to developing practical skills not necessarily taught in the confines of the classroom but on the pitch, court and hall. These valuable skills include teamworking, leadership and commitment to a common goal. These are essential skills for the world of work and seek to develop the 'whole child'.

GCSE Physical Education
This course is thoroughly recommended for those who love sport and are determined to work hard in both practical and theory sessions.
GCSE Physical education gives students opportunities to:

  • improve their fitness levels and skills through a range of physical activities using the school facilities, Greenvale leisure centre and Meadowbank Sports Arena;
  • improve their performance in different types of physical activity and roles such as player, participant, leader and official;
  • develop their ability to take part independently and successfully in different types of physical activity;
  • develop and continue their involvement in physical activity as part of a healthy, active lifestyle;
  • be aware of and appreciate their own and others’ cultures in the area of physical education;
  • be creative and develop decision-making skills to help them plan for performances and respond to changing situations; and
  • make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.

The course into three components:

Component 1 (exam assessed, worth 40%)
Developing knowledge, understanding and skills for balanced, healthy lifestyles and participation in physical activities

Component 2 (assessed in school, worth 20%)
Developing and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle through planning, participating in and monitoring a health-related exercise programme

Component 3 (assessed in school, worth 40%)
Individual performance in three physical activities. Activities assessed have included: lifesaving, soccer, rugby, basketball, netball, athletics, badminton and gymnastics.

GCSE PE provides a good base for further study in Years 13 and 14 at Magherafelt High School with the offered OCR National Certificate in Sport (equivalent to one full A level).


OCR National Certificate in Sport (a Year 12’s perspective)

If you love sport and would like to make a career of it – maybe as a sporting professional, teaching, coaching or working in the sports industry – then this 2 year course (equivalent to one A Level) will set you on the right track (GCSE PE will be an advantage but not a necessity to study this course)

How will this qualification benefit me?

You will:

  • Develop the ability to work independently and effectively
  • Build your skills, knowledge and understanding of sport needed to both continue studying and to start work
  • Have the opportunity to obtain a workplace relevant qualification.

How can I progress from these qualifications?

  • To start work at an operative level in, for example: sports coaching, gym/fitness instruction, sport development or sports administration.
  • To college or university for further study

What will I study?

  • Unit 1 The sports industry
  • Unit 2 Sport and society
  • Unit 3 Principles of sport coaching
  • Unit 4 Sport in the UK

Two other Units (to be confirmed during Year 13 and based on individuals’ strengths)

Three units will be studied in Years 13 and another three will be studied in Year 14.

There are no exams

You will be set a series of tasks to research and complete for each unit for example leaflets, essays, PowerPoint presentations, posters, brochures and lesson plans.

Your tutor will assess your work for all units and this will be checked by OCR.

To be awarded the Certificate you must pass all six units.

One grade: Fail / Pass / Merit / Distinction for each objective in a specific Unit based upon the assessment criteria in syllabus.

One overall grade for each of the six Units (this overall grade will be based on the grades you received for objectives making up that Unit i.e. a majority of Merits will equal an overall Merit grade).

Unit grade and OCR points awarded

            Fail = 0 points
            Pass = 1 point
            Merit = 2 points
            Distinction = 3 points

OCR                           OCR              UCAS             A Level
grade                          points              tariff               grade
Distinction                  14 – 18            120                  A
Merit                           10 – 13            80                    C
Pass                             6 – 9                40                    E

Minimum requirement for an equivalent A Level grade C = 4 Merits / 2 Passes

Minimum requirement for an equivalent A Level grade A = 4 Merits / 2 Distinctions

Extra-Curricular Sports

To help foster these skills, the PE dept ably-assisted by several members of staff from other departments offer a programme of after-school sports and teams to help foster these skills.