We are committed to the wellbeing of ALL members of our school community .  This includes our students, staff, parents and those in the wider community.  Looking after ourselves is essential so that we can be well enough to cope with all that lies ahead.  As a TAKE FIVE school, we are committed to practising the five steps that lead to good mental health.

The five steps are easy, free and everyone can build them into their daily routines:

Step 1:  Give

Step 2:  Be Active

Step 3:  Connect

Step 4:  Keep Learning

Step 5:  Take Notice

The following links might be useful to support you as you try to improve your mental health.  It's easier to look after others, if we're also looking after ourselves.  Even if you feel wonderful, it's good to put steps in place to ensure that you have a range of strategies, or a 'tool kit' on hand, proactively building your strength and resilience so that you are strong enough to cope with any additional or unexpected stress or anxiety.






Wellness for pupils is improved and enhanced in lessons, assemblies, extracurricular activities and through information evenings.  We encourage our parents to support us when we organise events and we hope they will also be able to make good use of the resources on our website.

Staff are encouraged to practise the five steps and to use the resources in the EA Health Well Hub: https://www.eani.org.uk/ea-staff-hub/hr-online/health-wellbeing