Construction Department

Through studying GCSE construction, students will:

  • explore some of the occupations within the construction industry;
  • develop and apply some practical craft skills used in the construction industry;
  • research the materials used in the construction of domestic and commercial buildings;
  • develop the technical and generic knowledge;
  • understanding and skills associated with work in the construction industry; and produce designs for some of the components used in the construction of buildings.

In this course students will gain a comprehensive introduction to the Construction industry. You will learn about the wide range of job opportunities within the industry and participate in practical aspects of construction, through the Craft Project and the Computer Aided Design unit.

Subject Content

Unit 1  -         

Construction Industry for the 21st Century.
You will study topics in the following areas:
*  introduction to the built environment.
*  Employment in the construction industry.
*  Health an Safety.
*  Construction technology and sustainable development.

External Assessment  -  You will sit one written exam lasting 1 hour 30 minutes, worth 40% of total mark.

Unit  2  -        

Construction Craft Project.
You will carry out a craft project based on wood and prepare a craft project folder.

Controlled Assessment
You will carry out a craft project under controlled conditions and produce a craft folder. These will be assessed by your teacher and then externally moderated. The Craft Project is worth 30% of total mark.

Unit  3  -        

Computer Aided Design in Construction.
You will produce a portfolio of drawings using AutoCad.

Controlled Assessment

All drawings will be produced under controlled conditions.
These will be assessed by your teacher and externally moderated by CCEA. CAD portfolio is worth 30% of your total mark.

Assessment Arrangements

There is one external assessment worth 40% and two controlled assessment tasks each worth 30%.

60% Coursework
40% Theory

Coursework Sections
1. Computer Aided Design
2. Craft Project
3. Craft Folder