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Principal: Mr Stephen Elder, MEd BSc Hons PQH PGCE

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new school website and I hope that you will find it useful and informative in providing you with a greater insight into the workings of Magherafelt High School.

Magherafelt High has been providing an educational service in this area for nearly sixty years.  Its aim today is the same as it has been during all of that time – to provide a high level of educational opportunity for all of the children in this area, irrespective of their perceived ability, and to encourage each child to fulfil his/her full potential.  We seek to do this by providing a broad range of subjects to cater for the needs of all pupils, from their entry to the school at age 11, right through to ‘A’ Level, for those pupils who wish to continue their education to University or College level. 

This school recognises that each child is an individual and the important role that it has in meeting the needs and aspirations of our pupils, and so has developed an educational provision and expertise, which recognises the specific needs of each child. 

In 2011, we moved into a brand new, state-of-the-art building which provides us with some of the most modern and well resourced facilities in Northern Ireland.  This building provides us with specialist facilities in all of the key curriculum areas and with excellent arrangements for sports and the delivery of our extra-curricular programme.  Whilst the facilities provided are in themselves of such a high and impressive standard, it is what happens within the school that is even more important and I feel that Magherafelt High provides a caring, supportive and encouraging environment, where all pupils have the opportunity to thrive and are well supported as they progress through their post-primary education.  Support plays a significant part in our school ethos and I believe is reflected in the caring and inclusive atmosphere which exists in the school.

I hope that as you browse through the other parts of this website, you will get a more complete feeling of what Magherafelt High has to offer, of what it sets out to achieve and of how it works hard to fulfil its core aim of providing the educational opportunity for each child to succeed and fulfil his/her potential. 

If, after reading the information provided through our website, you still have any questions, then I would encourage you to make contact with us at the school, using one of the means detailed below.

S Elder