School Day

The school day in Magherafelt High School is divided into 6 periods, each of which lasts 50 minutes. There are two breaks, one at the end of period 2 (11:05) lasting 15 minutes and another at the end of period 4 (1:00) lasting 35 minutes.

Students are expected to be in school by no later than 9:00am, buses and weather permitting of course.

Registration 9:15 
Period 1 9:25
Period 2 10:15
Breaktime 11:05
Period 3 11:20
Period 4 12:10
Lunchtime 1:00
Period 5 1:40
Period 6 2:30
End of School 3:20


Similar to the other schools in the Magherafelt Learning Partnership, Magherafelt High School follows a two-week timetable which enable students to study A-Level and equivalent qualifications offered by the other schools in the partnership.