The House System

There are 4 Houses within Magherafelt High School. The members of teaching staff are assigned to a specific House and on joining the school, at the beginning of Year 8 each child will be allocated a House and will be presented with their House badge.  They remain in the same House until they leave Magherafelt High School. We try to ensure that a child with older siblings joins the same House as their brothers and sisters were (or are) in. Other than that we try to ensure an even spread of academic, sporting, musical and leadership ability as is possible.


House Names

Red - Salters
Blue - Sperrin
Green - Moyola
Yellow - Spires

Each House at MHS elects its School House Captain, Senior House Captain and Junior House Captain. These students have responsibilities that include organising sports teams, ensuring new House members are settling in at school and so on.

What the Houses do?

The Houses form a focus of school life in many ways: academic, social, sporting, leadership and responsibilities. In addition each House will be responsible for co-ordinating fund raising efforts to raise money for an annually nominated charity. The Houses make banners and assist in the running of House events.

House board/Web page: Individually House decorated and maintained with: achievements, upcoming events, photographs, etc.
House induction: Year 14 School House Captains and Senior Aides meet with Year 8’s who are divided into Houses (equal amounts from each class of boys and girls)
House assemblies: Led by Head of House and attended by all House staff members, initially to select Senior and Junior House Captains then to detail upcoming events, select teams, make House decisions at the start of each term and whenever else necessary.  
Assemblies: Used to bring students up to date on events, scores, highlighting good practice and presentation of awards

House Points

Students can earn House Points for participation in events, winning certificates and medals, positive involvement in the local community, good pieces of work, high levels of effort, and contribution to school life. These points all add up towards a cumulative House total and, at the end of the year, decide the outcome of the Mansion Cup. There is a count up of the current House point totals each half term, and a chart showing current positions is available to see in the House System section of this web-site.


House Merits
As well as offering competitions, all staff have a personal budget of 10 house points per academic year to award to individuals as ‘2 point Merits’ when they wish.  This is for rewarding individuals who have achieved something exceptional.  This could be to do with attainment, effort, good/improved behaviour or helpfulness for example; it is up to the staff member.

 Awarded House Merits generate:

  • a postcard home
  • an update of the House Championship table


*House Board Games Competition

Teams of 4 from each House will be battling it out over chess, draughts, snakes & ladders and connect 4 to see who will be crowned the House Board Games Champions.

Points can additionally be won for membership of school choir, orchestra and Eco group.

Houses earn House Points for their house by taking part in these events, earning more depending on how well they do! Competitors are awarded with medals and certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed individuals / teams. Reports and photographs of these events can be found in the House Reports section of the web-site.


House System Terminology:

House Director — The member of staff responsible for the House System
Head of House  — A member of staff from each House chosen to oversee the effective development of a House for a year
House — A group of approximately 120 students in Years 9 - 14
Senior Aide Group — A group of approximately four Year 13 & 14 students within each House (e.g. Anti-Bullying Group, Student Patrol)
Mentor — A member of staff assigned to oversee the effective development of a Senior Aide Group
School House Captains — Seniors (Yr14) who have been chosen by the school to help lead all the Houses
Senior House Captains — Seniors (Yr12) who will lead students within a House (one female one male per House)
Junior House Captains — Juniors (Yr 10) who will lead students within a House (one female one male per House)