Pastoral Team

Pastoral care in a school exists to assist each child in reaching his/her full potential in all areas of their development, through the provision of a supportive, caring and nurturing environment which allows each young person to thrive and succeed. In this school, pastoral care refers to the care of the child at all stages of their education. It refers to providing a safe, secure and supportive environment at each educational stage, whilst preparing them for moving into the world of work or further study. In all of these processes the child is, and should always be, at the centre of the educational and caring processes.

Children thrive in an environment where they feel safe, secure and where they believe that they will be respected and cared for within their school community. Pastoral care involves;

  • establishing quality relationships within the school,
  • developing appropriate and satisfying learning experiences for each child and
  • providing an effective and embracing care network for pupils if and when they need support.

Heads of Year  

Head of Year 8             Mrs J Watterson

Head of Year 9             Mrs J Vance

Head of Year 10           Miss N Cahoon

Head of Year 11           Mr Charles

Head of Year 12           Mrs McFarland

Head of 6th Form        Mrs G Wishart



Teacher-in-charge of Girls Discipline   Mrs E Beckett

Teacher-in-charge of Boys Discipline   Mr S Fleming


Child Protection Team

Designated Child Protection Officer     Mrs E Beckett

Deputy Child Protection Officer            Mrs A McFarland

Deputy Child Protection Officer            Mr S Fleming


Counselling Team    

School Counselling Co-ordinator         Mrs R Potter

Education Authority Youth Worker       Terry Hamill

Family Works Counsellor                      Tommy Marron