Year 8 Admissions Criteria

When considering which children should be selected for admission, the Board of Governors will only take into account information which is detailed on or attached to the application form.

Parents should therefore ensure that all information pertaining to their chil and relevant to the school's admission criteria is stated on the application form or attached to it.


Respective functions of the Board of Governors and Principal in relation to Admissions to the school.

The Board of Governors formulate and review the Admission Criteria while the Principal administers the criteria. The Governors also approve admissions.



In the event of over-subscription preference will be give in the order 1 to 5 set out below:

  1. Pupils who wish to transfer from traditional feeder primary schools, namely:Pupils who already have brothers or sisters in attendance at the school;
    • Ampertain,
    • Bellaghy
    • Castledawson
    • Coagh,
    • Destermartin
    • Drumard
    • Duneane,
    • Kilrea,
    • Kilross,
    • Knockcloughrim,
    • Maghera,
    • Magherafelt,
    • Moneymore,
    • Portglenone,
    • Randalstown,
    • Tobermore,
    • Spires
    • and Woods.
  2. Pupils who already have brothers or sisters at the school;
  3. Pupils who are the first or only child in the family;
  4. Pupils who have a parent in employment at the school;
  5. Date of birth will be used as a tie break with preference being given to the eldest. If two or more have the same date of birth then distance from home to school with the closest children having preference will be applied;

Applicants should note they may be required to produce documents verifying information pertinent to the school's admission criteria.


Admissions to Year 8 After 1 September 2014

Parents who wish to have their child considered for adission in the event of a place arising after 1 September 2014 should write to the principals secretary clearly stating this. In the event of a vacancy arising the above criteria will be applied to these applications only.


Year 8 Applications and Admissions

 Year  Admissions No  Total Applications All Preferences Total Admissions 
 2011/12  100  92  92
 2012/13  100  90  90
 2012/14  100  93  93