Drama Department

Key Stage 3


Drama in Magherafelt High School is taught to all pupils in Years 8-10 once a week.  In these lessons pupils are encouraged to develop as individuals by improving their confidence and communication skills.  By gaining regular experience at group work and problem solving, pupils are also equipped as contributors to society and the economy by learning how to present themselves with clarity and to understand and respect the ideas of others.  The Drama Department aims to provide a practical perspective from which pupils may learn about challenges they could face in the world of work as well as considering larger ‘life issues’ such as homelessness, racism and caring for the environment.


GCSE Performing Arts


This is offered to pupils in Years 11 and 12 at MHS.  This is a Double Award qualification and so pupils can gain two separate GCSEs in the subject, one in each year of their studies.  Pupils undertake a balance of practical and written work.  They are required to form and manage their own theatre company in which marketing, technicalities, ticket sales, make-up, props and costumes must be taken into consideration as well as the performance itself.  This provides an excellent opportunity for pupils to take ownership of their own work and to produce a finished showcase which they can collectively be proud of.  Various theatre trips and visitors to schools such as directors and choreographers enable pupils to become more familiar with the performing arts industries in Northern Ireland.  The life skills they will acquire throughout their course of study will hopefully prove invaluable whichever choice of career they choose to pursue.


A Level


MHS currently runs a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts (Level 3 qualification). It is not a pre-requisite to have studied GCSE Performing Arts though obviously there are benefits in doing so.




The extra-curricular aspect of Drama at Magherafelt High School is thriving with around forty pupils regularly attending after school Drama and Dance rehearsals.  These pupils perform at various school concerts and events throughout the year and have received much praise for there accomplishments.  There is also a full-length musical production biannually in the school, most recently High School Musical in December 2008 which was a huge success.