Music Department



Music Department Aims


The following aims are implemented to the highest standard to provide the basis for pupils to develop a wide range of skills and capabilities to equip them for life.


  • Stimulate and maintain an interest and a love of music in the lives of pupils;
  • Implement programmes of study to the highest standards which cater for the wide range of pupils’ abilities and interests which will be encountered and revise them accordingly in order to meet their needs and the requirements of the curriculum.;
  • Provide a safe and productive environment for pupil learning and in turn raise pupils’ confidence and self-esteem.;
  • Provide pupils with opportunities to encounter a wide range of music and cultures with tolerance and understanding and to encourage them to respond positively to cultural change and difference;
  • Help pupils to develop their practical skills in music and apply these in different situations outside the classroom.;
  • Provide pupils with opportunities for independent learning and evaluation.

Courses Offered

Key Stage 3

All pupils in Years 8-10 study Music of various styles and genres while at the same time developing numerous skills along the way.  Pupils often undertake tasks in pairs or groups as well as having the opportunity to work individually.  Activities include Composing, Performing and Listening to Music.

GCSE & A Level Music

These courses provide students with many opportunities to make and respond to various types of music.  At this higher level all students have the opportunity to develop their ICT skills through the use of Sibelius 5, a composition music software package and other technological resources.