ICT Department

Welcome to the Magherafelt High School ICT department homepage.


Teaching Staff

  • Mrs L. Stewart 
BSc (HONS) PGCE (Head of Department)
  • Mrs R. Oliver
  • Mrs K Caskey 
  • Mrs E Beckett
  • Mrs N Hughes
BSc (Hons)  
  • Mr G Campbell


ICT is a very dynamic subject area, with new technologies emerging almost on a daily basis. ICT in an integral part of our daily lives, controlling many aspects of the world around us. The use of ICT continues to grow at an increasing rate and consequently so does the need for employees with the very latest ICT skills and knowledge. The ICT industry in Northern Ireland is rapidly expanding and with this expansion comes job opportunities for graduates with the best knowledge, skills and qualifications.

Students in ICT can expect to learn and use these new technologies both in class and at home as part of the curriculum. The ICT department in Magherafelt High School prides itself on delivering first-class teaching, using the very latest teaching and learning pedagogies. We have an excellent track record in terms of results at both GCSE and A Level (see menu link on LHS). Our staff have been trained to deliver the skills and knowledge required right from Year 8 through to A Level using the very latest software. This ensure our students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge they need at University but also for the world of work in general.