Art Department

The Art Department aims to give all pupils the opportunity to work in a wide variety of Art and Design areas learning new skills, and techniques. Our department is made up of 2 large, bright, well resourced classrooms, an ICT suite and ceramics area.

Key Stage 3
Pupils come to Art & Design for 3 periods every fortnight.  Throughout the year, pupils have the opportunity to develop their skills in drawing, clay, paint, ICT, and other 3D and graphic materials.  Topics include, “My name, Animals, People, Insects, Landscapes”. Pupils work is assessed during, and at the end of each unit of work.

Key Stage 4

The Department follows the CCEA GCSE syllabus and pupils are allocated seven periods each fortnight.    Two units are completed as coursework (60%) and a further Examination project completed in the final term of the course (40%).    One coursework piece has to be 2-D and the other 3-D with one based on a Design brief and the other on Fine art.    Pupils are allowed a good choice of topics and so within the class many different ideas and techniques can be going on at the same time. 


Students are timetabled for 12 periods each fortnight but more study periods are added.


AS art includes 1 unit of coursework and exam set by CCEA examination board.


A2 level includes 1 unit of coursework made up of a portfolio including a written element and an examination project set by CCEA.