Supervised Study Area

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In line with guidance from the Minister of Education, Peter Weir MLA, there will be a supervised study area available from Monday 23rd March from 9.00am - 3.00pm for those pupils in Years 8 - 10 who are the children of key workers. Key workers are defined as those who are essential to maintaining public services during the COVID-19 response, who without this supervised school service, would have to stay at home to supervise their children.

Please be aware that school will not operate as a 'normal' school day but more so as a supervision facility as we may have a significant reduction in staffing and this may worsen over time. Staff will not be teaching specific classes as they must also be available to provide online/remote learning to pupils staying at home. More details will follow on the structure of the day and other necessary arrangements.

In order for us to plan for this we would ask any parent who is a key worker and wishes to avail of this facility to contact the school office before 3.00 pm today and indicate which days next week that they would like their child(ren) to attend.

We would like to thank all the parents for their continued support in these challenging times and in particular extend our gratitude and thanks to those members of the community who are working to protect us all.

Please share this information if you can.

Kind Regards,

Stephen Fleming, Acting Principal

*** Please note, unfortunately there will be no transport available for pupils ***

Last Days At MHS

 Some of our Year 14s were filmed by BBC Newsline reflecting on the impact of Exceptional Closure on their last days at MHS.


Telephone and Web Support for Young People


Telephone Support Lines for Young People


Who can


What Do

They Do?

What Topics Can They

Help With?

How Can They be Contacted?

Anna Freud National Centre

Supporting young people’s mental health during periods of disruption


Mental health


Crisis response line for people in distress or despair


Mental health

Suicidal thoughts

Textphone users (for deaf and hard of hearing):

0808 808 8000

18001 0808 808 8000


Childline provides support and guidance on multiple topics including:


You and your body

Home and Family




0800 1111

1-2-1 counsellor chat


Crisis messenger text service



Suicidal thoughts

General advice

Mental health

Sex/ relationships

0808 808 4994


Advice on safeguarding and child protection issues and somewhere to report concerns

Web support for teenagers


Child abuse

Child protection

0808 800 5000


Aware is a mental health charity working exclusively for those with depression and mental health concerns


Bipolar disorder

02890 357 820


Confidential advice on drugs



0300 123 6600

SIMON Community

Support for individuals and families who are at risk of becoming homeless



0800 171 2222

Informing Choices NI

Advice on sexual health

Sexual health




Access to family planning

0345 122 8687

Monday - Friday 9-5

Common Youth Clinics

Clinics, advice & guidance on sexual health

Emergency contraception

Pregnancy testing


02890 328 866

Domestic and Sexual Violence Helpline

Advice for anyone affected by domestic and sexual violence

Domestic violence

Sexual violence

0808 802 1414

The Migrant Centre NI

Financial Health and Well being


          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


LGBT Switchboard NI

Support and counselling for the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender communities

LGBTQ+ advice

Sex and relationship advice

0808 8000 390

Women’s Aid

Specialist services for women, children and young people who have experienced domestic and sexual violence.

Domestic Violence

Sexual violence


0808 802 1414

Family Support NI

Website to access support in your area – for a wide range of issues – giving local contact details

Exceptional Closure Mental Health


19th March 2020

Dear Parent /Guardian

Based on the information shared yesterday that schools are now officially closed to pupils from this week.  I feel it is important to inform you of the arrangements for pastoral care during this time.  Although your child will not be in the school building and we may not get the opportunity to connect face to face, we would like to continue to provide pastoral support or guidance if necessary, to pupils and parents.  If you have a concern or require any support with an issue please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. account and a member of the pastoral team will endeavor to be in touch.

Please remember that there is additional support available within your local community and I have enclosed the Children and Young people support list from EA.  I would also encourage you to download the Here2Help app which includes details of organisations that can provide additional support for a variety of issues.  There are many categories within this app and I have found it useful as a source of signposting others to support.

If, at any point, you have serious concerns about your child’s mental wellbeing, please contact your GP for additional support and advice.  The current situation is very worrying for all of us and this uncertainty and fear may become too much for our loved ones to deal with.  Please be vigilant and if you have any concerns seek advice immediately.

On a day to day basis, feeling isolated and the worries of this COVID-19 outbreak can have a significant impact on all our mental health, so please encourage your child to maintain relationships by staying in touch with friends and loved ones.  It is also important if we are feeling low ourselves, that we remain kind to others e.g. social media.  If someone is already feeling isolated and vulnerable, unnecessary hurtful comments may cause others additional upset.  In these times, we will need a little bit more affection and human kindness, so I would really appreciate if you would reiterate this message to your child(ren).

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Thank you for your continued support

E Beckett

Acting Vice-Principal

Here to help  lifelineMinding your headmhf logo 0

Magherafelt High School, 30 Moneymore Road, Magherafelt, Co. Londonderry, BT45 6AF                                Acting Principal: Mr S Fleming MA (Hons) PGCE

Tel: 028 7963 2385   Fax: 028 7963 4854  

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Website:


Important Information

18 March 2020

MHS will be open tomorrow for all pupils but we will be closed on Friday for a Staff Development Day. As advised by the Government, school will then be closed to pupils from Monday 23rd March 2020 until further notice. We appreciate your support and patience in this matter and we would kindly ask you to make an informed choice about whether or not to send your child to school tomorrow based on their individual circumstances and in accordance with PHA guidance. Details on the continued teaching and learning of pupils from home is now available on the school website by accessing the Exceptional Closure tab. We trust that you will continue to support us with your child’s education and we will keep you up to date on any changes to this schedule via the school website and social media. Further details, particularly around public examinations such as GCSE and A Level, will follow as and when we receive this information.

Retrieval Grids

Sample of a Retrieval Grid

Update these with questions to relate to the topic you are studying.

1.Who wrote the poem Charge of the Light Brigade?

4. What is personification?

7. Find a simile used in a poem you have studied.

2. What is a caesura?

5. Which war is Anthem for Doomed Youth about?

8. What is a sestet?

3. How many lines are in a sonnet?

6. How many lines are in

a quatrain?

9. What is enjambment?

KS4 & 5 Revision Menu

KS4 & 5 Revision Menu


Use your notes/textbook to create a quiz to self-test yourself. Create retrieval grids. (See template below)

Flash Cards

Create a set of flashcards with Q&A’s ready to test yourself.  Use different colours for different subjects.

Check out Flash cards with the Leitner system.

Past Papers

Complete a past exam paper and use the mark scheme to self-assess

Access past papers through the appropriate exam board e.g.

GCSE Past Papers & Mark Schemes | CCEA

Revision Clock

Break down a topic into 12 sections and complete a revision clock. Access Revision Clock | Teaching Resources

Brain Dump

Complete a brain dump with as much as you can recall then check your notes to see what you forgot. Write these new notes in a different coloured pen.

Mind Maps

Create a mind map from memory, review and add to your mind map

There are numerous apps/websites for creating mind maps but they can also be done through word/PPT.


Create an infographic with sketches and notes from memory or type out on a word document and add in icons.


Write an overview of the key topics from memory then refer back to your notes. Write in what you missed in different coloured ink.

Retrieve, record and review

Record yourself retrieving as much information as you can verbally then listen back and review.