RS Department

Welcome to the Magherafelt High School Religious Studies homepage. 

The Religious Studies Department sees its primary role as being instrumental in the promotion of each pupil's spiritual and moral development. To that end the department seeks to broaden the pupil's ability to reason through a study of the Christian faith using the Attainment Targets:

(a) The Revelation of God 
(b) The Christian Faith
(c) Morality

Consequently the department has the following aims:

• To increase pupil awareness and understanding of the religious and spiritual dimensions of life. 
• To assist pupils in their search to find a premise or faith by which to live by reflecting on the experiences of others. 
• To stimulate pupils to examine their own viewpoints and to reflect on religious responses to moral issues. 
• To encourage them to respect the beliefs, values and attitudes of others. 
• To assist in the personal and social development of the pupils, encouraging the ability to form and maintain relationships with peers and others.

Our Department has three committed teachers: 

• Mrs G Wishart (HOD) BEd Hons
• Mrs E Beckett BEd Hons
• Mrs J Watterson BA Hons, PGCE

Who ensure pupils have an enduring enjoyment of the subject. This is reflected by the consistently high examination results and the numbers choosing A Level Religious Studies.

Teaching Strategies:
The Department uses a large variety of interactive teaching and learning strategies. We have an excellent range of text books suited to the different abilities of our pupils and a large number of dvd’s to reinforce lessons. Handouts and powerpoints of differing tasks, at different levels of ability, have been produced along with the use of relevant web sites to stimulate pupil learning. Drama and craft work are also used to reinforce lesson topics. Group work in the form of debates and discussions enhance pupils' learning by engaging them actively in talking, listening and questioning. ICT finds its place in the production of newspaper articles, class projects, research assignments, pupil powerpoints and use of the interactive white board, I Pad and relevant apps. We are fortunate to be within walking distance of local Churches and visits to these and other relevant destinations take place once a year. Links with these Churches also provide us with visits from ministers and various guest speakers.



Technology and Design

Technology and Design Department


Technology and Design gives pupils the opportunity to use materials to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to design and solve problems effectively. The subject  specification is divided into four areas:


  • Designing
  • Communicating
  • Energy and control
  • Materials and manufacturing processes


Department Facilities


  • 1 Systems room
  • 2 Planning rooms
  • 2 Manufacturing workshops
  • 1 Material store
  • 1 System store


Key Stage 3
During their first three years all students will be introduced to a range of materials, which will help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to design and make products.


Key Stage 4


AQA GCSE Design and Technology: Resistant Materials

A practical approach that encourages your students to design and make products with creativity and originality in a variety of practical activities, using a range of materials and techniques. A working knowledge of woods, metals, plastics and composite materials are required but other materials may be used in addition

  • Single tiered assessment covering grades A*–G to cater for students of all abilities
  • This specification has a unitised structure based on a theory unit (examination) and a coursework unit (design and make activity)

Written Paper (2 hours)  40% of the total marks:Answer all questions

  • Section A  - A design question based on design brief supplied before the exam to allow for preparation both in class and individually

  • Section B - Covers all aspects of the specification content in terms of materials and manufacturing

Controlled Assessment 60% of the total marks

A design-and-make activity selected from a choice of set tasks, consisting of the development of a made outcome and a concise A3 design folder and/or appropriate ICT evidence. As part of the evidence submitted, students should include photographs of the finished products as well as photographs at various stages of the process


AQA A Level Technology (Product Design 3D)

A-Level Technology studies cover four main topics, and pupils will study two of these each year.

Year 13

  • In ‘Materials, components and application’ - pupils will look at materials, productionprocesses and the impact of cost and design.
  • In ‘Learning through designing and making’ pupils will produce some coursework using their own designs with a range of materials and media.
  • In the first year pupils will have two assessments.

-          A two hour written paper accounts for 25% of the total marks.

-          The coursework and design portfolio account for another 25% of the total marks.

Year 14

  • In ‘Design and manufacture’ – pupils will learn to appreciate therelationship between design and technology, or form and function.
  • The ‘Design and making in practice’ is the practical, coursework part. Pupils will make anobject and record the processes that they went through.
  • In Year two pupils will have two assessments

-          A two hour written paper worth 25% of the total marks

-          Practical coursework and a design portfolio account for the final 25% of the A Level marks.

Where will success take me?

3D design could take pupils into a number of exciting career paths. Of course there’s product or automotive design. But what about computer generated cartoons? Or maybe CAD for industry appeals more? This course could take pupils into architecture, teaching, manufacturing, advertising or engineering.

What skills will I learn?

The D&T Product Design3D will help pupils develop a number of skills:

- How to assemble data and assess it

- How to investigate facts and use deduction

- How to put over their point of view fluently

- How to work as a team to achieve results

- How to take responsibility for their own learning.



Facilities and Resourcing

Departmental Facilities and Resources

Information Technology

Costing more than £10 million to build, our new school building is 'state-of-the-art'. Along with an ultra-modern design, the building comes equipped with cutting-edge building technologies and more importantly the latest equipment and technologies to promote effective teaching and learning. In total the school has invested around £500,000 in IT with each department investing in a range of technologies to further engage students in their learning. 

Every classroom comes equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard and a desktop computer. There are nine computer labs available for teachers to book their classes into. The school also has several class sets of  iPads and  Microsoft's latest tablet offering, the "Surface". The vast majority of the school has "Wi-Fi" access and this combined with these tablet technologies enable every classroom to be an IT classroom. The school will also shortly introduce a "Bring your own Device" policy which will further increase the capacity of the school to harness the power of technology in the classroom.

Magherafelt High School proudly boasts the highest* desktop computer-to-student ratio of any post-primary school in Northern Ireland. Every classroom is equipped with the latest Promethean dual-touch Interactive Whiteboard. These resources include:

Number of devices 

Device type

203 Dell Windows-based Desktop computers Various locations around the school;
50 Dell laptops computers Science, 6th form centre, SEN;
44 Apple iMac computers Art [10], Technology [21], Music [10];
17 Microsoft 'Surface 2' Tablets* ICT Department;
70 iPads (Mixture 2nd/3rd/4th G models) ICT Department- 33, English- 10, Various locations- 27;
2 High-definition Polycom video-conferecning units ICT Department;
3 High-definition Digital Signage TVs Main foyer, ICT, PE;
1 70" 3D High-definition LED TV ICT;
1 70" High-definition TV for Digital Signage Canteen;
34 Wall-mounted Promethean Interactive Whiteboards Every classroom;
2 Mobile Interactive whiteboards PE, Library;
2 Class sets of Promethean Voting buttons ICT, Maths;

* Source: Northgate (30th September 2012)



The school has a excellent range of sporting facilities, providing students with access to a greater range of sports both during class time and also through the extra-curricular sporting provision within the school.

These facilities include:

  • an all-weather hockey pitch;
  • 2 x sports hall;
  • fully-equipped gymnasium;
  • 3 x tennis courts;
  • Football/rugby pitch;
  • Indoor bowling nets;

These first-class facilities coupled with a strong sporting tradition and a dedicated PE department ensure that Magherafelt High School students are given every opportunity to developing their sporting talents.



Students interested in developing their Drama skills have access to a fully-equipped stage, 'green' room and props room. The drama room itself has an integrated sound and lighting system for pupils to practice their technical as well as their performance skills.





Board of Governors

Board of Governors

Mr J Gregg (Chairperson)

Mr W Brown (Vice-Chairperson)

Mrs L Stewart

Mr D Charles

Mr K Brown

Mr L Brown

Rev G Jordan

Ms M McMullan

Mr N McMullan

Mr G Mawhinney

Mr R Rainey

Mr K Wenlock

Mrs S Johnston

Mr N Richardson

Mr K Wenlock


Mrs G Anderson BA (Hons) PGCE PQH (NI)    
Mr S Fleming  MA (Hons) PGCE    
Mr K Irvine BSc (Hons) DIS PGCE    
Mrs E McKay MA BA (Hons) PGCE    
Mrs J Turkington  BA (Hons) PGCE    
Name Qualifications Principal teaching responsibility Other areas of responsibility
Miss K Alexander BSc (Hons) PGCE Home Economics Sixth Form Study Supervisor
Mrs E Beckett BEd (Hons) RE School Counsellor, Head of Year 12
Miss N Cahoon BEd Head of French Head of Year 10, Year 8 Induction Co-ordinator
Miss M Carey BA (Hons) PGCE English  
Mrs K Caskey BEd (Hons) Head of Business Studies Co-ordinator of LLW & Employability
Mrs C Chambers BSc (Hons) PGCE Science  
Mr D Charles MA BA (Hons) PGCE Head of History Head of Year 11
Mrs K Close  BSc (Hons) PGCE  Head of Science   
Mr B Doyle BEd Mathematics  
Mrs E Hegarty BEd PGCE Head of Home Economics  
Mr I Henderson BEd Head of Construction Technoloy & Design, Teacher-in-charge of lighting (productions)
Miss E Huey MA BA (Hons) PGCE Head of Art & Design Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator
Mrs N Hughes  BSc (Hons) PGCE Mathematics  
Mr K Irvine BSc (Hons) DIS PGCE PE/Science House System Co-ordinator, MLP SEP Co-ordinator 
Mrs C Lamont Joint BA  (Hons) PGCE History & Politics  
Mrs L McAleece  BA (Hons) PGCE  Geography   
Mrs S McBride  BEd (Hons)  LSC Junior  
Mrs J McElherron BA (Hons) PGCE LSC Senior  
Miss G McElvogue  BEd (Hons) Science   
Mrs A McFarland BA (Hons) PGCE English Head of Year 12
Mrs L McGinnis BEd (Hons) Head of Technology & Design Head of Careers, Assistant Exams Officer
Mrs E McKay MA BA (Hons) PGCE Head of English Literacy Co-ordinator
Mrs J Nelson BSc (Hons) Head of Mathematics Numeracy Co-ordinator
Ms J O'Neill BA (Hons) PGCE Home Economics  
Mrs R Oliver  BEd (Hons)  ICT, Business Studies  
Mr R Palmer BSc (Hons) PGCE Science  
Mrs R Potter BSc (Hons) PGCE Science  
Miss R Smyth BMus (Hons) PGCE Head of Music  
Mrs L Stewart BSc (Hons) PGCE  Head of ICT   
Mr M Thompson BSc (Hons) PGCE    
Mr S Thompson BA (Hons) History/LLW  
Mrs J Turkington BA (Hons) PGCE Head of Geography Internal Exams Co-ordinator, Tracking Co-ordinator
Mrs J Vance BA (Hons) PGCE French Head of Year 9
Mrs J Wade BEd (Hons) PE Teacher in charge of Personal Development
Mrs J Watterson BA (Hons) DAS PGCE Art Head of Year 8, Exams Officer
Mrs G Wishart BEd (Hons) Head of Religious Studies Director of Sixth form, Teacher EPD Co-ordinator, Student Teachers, Detention and Fund-raising
Name   Position  
Mrs L McCracken   Office Manager/PA to Principal  
Mrs H Caldwell   Senior Clerical Officer  
Mrs G Hill-Nicholl   Receptionist  
Mr G Campbell   ICT Technician
 School Website Co-ordinator, C2K Manager
Mrs J Lawrence   Sixth Form Supervisor  
Mrs T Wilson   Sixth Form Supervisor  
Mr A McQuillan   Building Supervisor  
Mrs K Bloomfield      
Mrs C Bolton      
Mrs D Caskey      
Mrs C Cavanagh       
Mrs S Crooks      
Mrs U Henry      
Miss E Leacock      
Mrs H Leacock      
Mrs L Love      
Mrs N Mallon      
Mrs A McKeown      
Mrs R McLean      
Mrs M McMenemy      
Mrs J McPeake      
Mrs J McVey      
Miss V Scott      
Ms L Simpson      
Miss V Slaine      
Miss L Smyth      
Miss H Todd      
Mrs M Todd      
Mrs J Wilson      



School Day

School Day

The school day in Magherafelt High School is divided into 6 periods, each of which lasts 50 minutes. There are two breaks, one at the end of period 2 (11:05) lasting 15 minutes and another at the end of period 4 (1:00) lasting 35 minutes.

Students are expected to be in school by no later than 9:00am, buses and weather permitting of course.

Registration 9:15 
Period 1 9:25
Period 2 10:15
Breaktime 11:05
Period 3 11:20
Period 4 12:10
Lunchtime 1:00
Period 5 1:40
Period 6 2:30
End of School 3:20


Similar to the other schools in the Magherafelt Learning Partnership, Magherafelt High School follows a two-week timetable which enable students to study A-Level and equivalent qualifications offered by the other schools in the partnership.