The 31 August saw the retirement of three long serving members of staff from the school. 

Mr John Bryson retired after 38 years of service to the school as the Science and Technology technican.  John will be fondly remembered by many pupils, both past and current, and staff as always being an affable and helpful person who assisted many in the school with work and projects over the years.  John's help often assisted pupils with technology projects and his personal skills were of great benefit to many.  John involved himself in the full life of the school, helping in the preparations for numerous school productions, assisting with groups of pupils in out of school visits and activities and having a keen interest in the sports played by the young people in Magherafelt High.

Mrs Vera Averell retired as the school's Home Economics technician after 37 years of service.  Vera was always the most willing of people and helped many staff members and pupils around the school when calamity happened and clothes needed to be washed or help was sought for a sick child, with some medicinal tea and toast! Vera was always quiet and unassuming in her approach to her work but her supportive contribution to the life of this school during her time here has been immense and will be missed in the weeks and months to come.

Mrs Donna Murray retired from her teaching post in the school#s Learning Support Centre.  Donna moved to this school on the closure of Maghera High School in 2009 and since then has been involved in helping support pupils in Years 11 and 12 with their education and studies.  Donna has been teaching for 38 years, with the major part of that time spent in Maghera High School and she leaves with a vast amount of experience gained from all of those years of work.

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking all three members of staff for their contribution to the work and support of pupils in Magherafelt High and wish them a long, healthy and enjoyable retirement.