Facts about AS and A Level examinations

  • There are separate subject specifications for the AS (1st year) and A2 (2nd year) examinations.
  • 1 x AS + 1 x A2 make an A Level in one subject.
  • AS and A2 are weighted 50:50.  Each AS or A2 can be awarded a maximum of 60 UCAS points.
  • An A Level normally consists of 4 units;
    • 1st Year AS -  2 units
    • 2nd Year A2 -  2 units
  • Assessments can be modular or linear.
  • BTEC Awards – equivalent to 1 A Level/120 UCAS points based on final grade of Pass, Merit, Distinction.  Continuous
  • Assessment over the two year period including assignments and practical activities. 


Curriculum Notes

AS Advanced Subsidiary is studied in Year 1 and A2 Level in Year 2. In Year 13, pupils will study 3 subjects at AS Level / or
equivalent. The study of 3 subjects at AS Level allows a degree of breadth. There are 13 courses available at Advanced GCE
Level (or equivalent) in the school. Time will also be available within the time-tabled school day for independent study in a
supervised study area.