A-Level Religious Studies (CCEA)

The Course

Studying GCSE Religious Studies will help develop your understanding of religious beliefs, practices and values.  From this, you will be encouraged to reflect upon your own attitudes, and those of others, to the topics under consideration.  The AS course can be taken as a final qualification or as the first half of the A Level qualification.  If you wish to obtain a full A Level qualification, you must complete the second half of the course referred to as A2.

By studying Religious Studies, you will be able to engage with challenging questions concerning the meaning and purpose of life which will help you develop your own beliefs and values.


AS Level

Module 1:           An Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles

Module 2:           The Christian Church in the Roman Empire:  Beginnings, Expansion and External Pressure.


A2 Level

Module 1:           A Study of Acts, Galatians and 1 Corinthians

Module 2:           The Continued Development of the Christian Church in the Roman Empire to 325 AD.

You will study the key concepts within your chosen area of study, for example, religious beliefs, teachings, doctrines, principles, ideas and theories and how these are expressed in a range of texts, writings and/or practice.

You will also consider the contribution of significant people, traditions or movements relating to the area studied.  As part of the course you will become familiar with religious language and terminology, develop your knowledge and understanding of major issues and questions which arise from the chosen area of study, and the relationship between your area of study and other aspects of human experience.