Miss Alexander will once again lead her 'fun-running' troupe down to Belfast for the annual Belfast Marathon 'Fun run' which takes place on the May Day bank holiday, Monday 15th May.

Miss Alexander, Head of Home Economics in the school, is passionate about running, and is regularly dons her running gear for a 'wee' run (10K!) after school. No stranger to Marathons, Miss Alexander was delighted at the level of interest shown by the students.

"Each year the numbers participating from Magherafelt High School have grown and hopefully it provides students with an interest in going to do a full Marathon some day later on in life."

With over 20 students and staff taking part in what is being billed as the largest Belfast Marathon to date in terms of the numbers of runners, it will surely be a fun day out if nothing else.

The students and staff taking part are:

  • Ellen Bates 8A1
  • Philip Stewart 8A1
  • William Kenning 8A1
  • Dean McLarnon 8A2
  • Hannah Wilson 9A1
  • Ben McAllen 9A1
  • Aaron Davison 9A1
  • Mark Cochrane 9A1
  • Jonathan Brown 9A1
  • Ellie McMaster 9A1
  • Laura Campbell 9A2
  • Sian Hogg 9A3
  • Lauren Mackey 10A1
  • Rachel Gourley 10A2
  • Sam Sheppard 8A4
  • Rebecca McKeown 10A2
  • Richard Palmer 14A
  • Robert McLean 8A3
  • Gareth Campbell
  • Mrs Wishart

We wish them all the very best!