While many of us were sitting around a table eating our cornflakes and contemplating whether or not to go for the second bowl, twenty enthused and clearly fit students, accompanied three members of staff (Mrs Wishart, Mr Campbell, Miss Alexander and Mrs T Wilson), were about to set off on the Belfast Marathon Fun Run- nothing fun about it if you ask me!

After setting off from in front of the City Hall, the Magherafelt High 'fun-runners' weaved their way through mazy Belfast streets to their final destination at Ormeau Park. One member of group however, Miss Alexander, being a glutten for punishment, did the full Marathon finishing an amazing Third in the full marathon in a time of 2:58:20.

The students and staff were running for "Stand By Me", a Carrickfergus-based charity who help provide basic human entitlements (clean water, education etc) to disadvantaged children in developing countries around the world.

The students who took part in the race managed to raise a whopping £820 in sponsorship for this very worthwhile charity, with Robert McLean raising an amazing £120.

Alistair Bennett, one of the leaders of the chairty and himself a teacher currently on a career-break from Carrickfergus College, accepted the cheque on behalf of the charity in assembly. Alistair went on to explain to the students the types of things the charity deals with on the ground in these countries. Few would doubt the great work this charity does and indeed the amazing work that the "Stand by Me" team do to help these vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. We wish Alastair and his team every good fortune in their work and know that this money will make a huge difference in the lives of those children who benefit from the sponsorship. 

Here is a list of all the students who took part in the fun run and raised sponsorship for "Stand By Me":

  • Ellen Bates (Year 8)
  • Philip Stewart (Year 8)
  • William Kenning (Year 8)
  • Dean McLarnon (Year 8)
  • Hannah Wilson (Year 9)
  • Ben McAllen (Year 9)
  • Aaron Davison (Year 9)
  • Mark Cockrane (Year 9)
  • Jonathan Brown (Year 9)
  • Ellie McMaster (Year 9)
  • Laura Campbell (Year 9)
  • Sian Hogg (Year 9)
  • Lauren Mackey(Year 10)
  • Rachel Gourley (Year 10)
  • Sam Sheppard (Year 8)
  • Rebecca McKeown (Year 10)
  • Richard Palmer (Year 14)
  • Robert McLean (Year 8)

A huge well done to all these students on a fantastic achievement for a worthy cause and of course to Mrs Wishart, Miss Alexander, Mr Campbell and Mrs T Wilson for supervising and helping to organise the event.

Also a huge thanks to DC Coaches who provided the bus to the marathon free-of-charge!