The Course

The study of Government & Politics encourages young people to develop knowledge and understanding of the political systems in which they live.  It also actively encourages students to become involved as citizens and enables them to develop critical thinking and other essential academic skills.  Study of the subject at GCE Level helps prepare students for careers in many areas including law, business, finance, government services and, of course, politics itself.



Assessment / Weighting

AS 1

Government & Politics


Northern Ireland

1 hour 15 minutes exam.

40% of AS.

20% of A Level.

AS 2

The British Political Process

1 hour 45 minutes exam.

60% of AS.

30% of A Level.

A2 1

Comparative Government

UK and US Compared

2 hours 15 minutes exam.

60% of A2.

30% of A Level.

A2 2

Political Ideas

1 hour 30 minutes exam.

40% of A2.

20% of A Level.