Suggested Daily Schedule


It’s important that you give your day some structure and allow time to keep on top of your workload. Currently, we are unsure of how long this period of disruption will last but keep busy by checking the online learning platform such as MS Teams regularly or by working through projects or booklets that have been given to you by teachers. Keep preparing for your exams – be they Summer Exams or GCSE/A Levels.

Don’t spend all your time on Netflix, YouTube or online gaming. It really isn’t helpful for your wellbeing or your education – no matter what you might think!  Make sure you are up, have had breakfast and are ready to get started by...

9.00 am

Online Study Time. Try to follow your timetable as closely as possible. So, allow about approximately 30mins for English if you have that Period 1 and so forth. Catch up with online work/projects/research/coursework etc. Spread out the workload and don’t feel under pressure to complete the work that has been set within a short period of time.

11.00 am


11.20 am

Continue on with online work.

1.00 pm


Exercise – take a walk, walk the dog, help out around the house – hoovering/washing/ironing – keep busy!

2.00 pm

Try some offline study time – create some revision notes/flash cards/past papers/create quizzing booklets or sheets that someone at home can go over with you. Manage distractions by working somewhere quiet with no mobile phone on or computers to distract you.

3.00 pm

Finish up for the day. Take time to communicate with someone in your family – be it face to face (if safe to do so) or online with friends. Read a book or try something creative.

Do something kind for someone. This is a stressful time for everyone and so think about how you can help in whatever small way you can. Looking after smaller siblings, like helping them with their homework, can give you a sense that you are making a difference. Be mindful of how others might be feeling and give everyone space to deal with the issues at hand. Now is not the time to create more stress for others so be sensible about how you decide to use your time and the actions that you take. Many people, and particularly those in Health Care, will be under a lot of pressure so we need to make sure that we act in ways that are not going to make things harder for other vital workers to do their job properly, like Health Professionals and the Emergency Services.