Criteria for the admissions of pupils to the Sixth Form.

  1. All pupils entering the Sixth Form must have a record of academic success indicated by the achievement of a minimum of 9 points at GCSE (where A* = 4; A = 3; B = 2; C = 1)
  2. All pupils entering Sixth Form must have gained at least grade C in their GCSE English and Maths.  Pupils who have failed to attain this grade may be considered for entry but mustmay result in removal from the course at the end of Year 13.
  3. All pupils entering the Sixth Form must have evidence of what, in the Principal’s opinion, is a record of good conduct and behaviour.
  4. For entry to any GCE A or AS Level course a pupil must have achieved grades A* - B at GCSE Level, or a teacher’s recommendation in those subjects which will be studied.